This is an essay about theodore roosevelt and why he is the most progressive president.

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Theodore Roosevelt

Progressive President

In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt was elected into the place of Vice-President of the United States as a security spot to quiet him. However unexpectedly, President McKinley was assassinated. This thrust Theodore Roosevelt into the spot of President. This man put into a position where he would not be heard was suddenly Commander-in-Chief of the United States. When put into this position of power, Roosevelt decided to expand upon an idea of his. That the wealthy have an obligation to serve. This belief and his bull-headiness made him the most progressive president.

In Theodore Roosevelt's time in office he created many laws that protected the people. He immediately emerged as a trustbuster when he dissolved the biggest railroad monopoly in the Northwest. One act he established was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which said that, every trust or conspiracy that restrained trade among the states or foreign countries would be declared illegal.

Another law Roosevelt established was the Elkins Act. The Elkins act prohibited railroads and shippers to offer rebates to the public. The railroads also had to set their rates. The railroad owners couldn't change the rates without notice. The Hepburn Act was another act that Roosevelt made. This act gave the ICC, International Criminal Court, the ability to set maximum railroad rates. The ICC could determine whether or not the rates were fair for the people. Theodore Roosevelt also passed the Pure Food and Drug act. This was a big step for the people. With this act, the citizens of America were guaranteed correct information on their food labels. This act went hand in hand with the Meat Inspection Act. This act also benefited the people by assuring them that they would be getting fresh, healthy meat.

Along with protecting the people, Theodore Roosevelt also wanted...