This essay thoroughly explains the art of the rodeo in snowboarding. It is very informative.

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The art to snowboarding is to be able to do tricks at certain difficulties. A trick that would have a high difficulty would be a Rodeo. A Rodeo is a backflip with a grab. Advanced snowboarders should have no problem learning the trick. There are three main concepts in learning this trick. The setups, the movements, and the outcome are key concepts in landing this snowboard trick. These explanations will help you safely and successfully master this trick.

The basics of this trick are that you need a runway where you will pick up your speed. The jump needs to give you at least six feet of air, so you have enough time to get a full rotation. It also needs a soft landing area that has a downward slope. The runway needs to be smooth, and be packed down for max speed. The jump needs to have a steep incline with a lip that will give you a little kick when you go off of it.

The landing area is crucial it needs to be soft, preferably two feet of powder. It hurts when you screw up and wreck when you are upside down. The snowboarder also needs some courage to perform the trick. The down ward incline absorbs the impact and makes the landing smoother so it is easier to land.

The movements for the rodeo are simple motions, but there are many to this trick. After you are strapped into your bindings, approach yourself to the runway. It is wise to practice the motions before you go off the jump. While you are standing waiting for your turn practice the motions and get ready to show your stuff. Your adrenaline will be rushing. When its time to shine, start off down the runway, approach the jump with...