This is a essay about the three characters that well-explains hypocracy in "The Crucible"

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Hypocracy: Examing three characters.

In this novel, hypocrisy was referenced lot in this story of "The Crucible". All of the characters that had integrity also acted hypocritically, like John Proctor, Rev. Hale, and Elizabeth Proctor. For example, Reverend Hale claimed to have integrity, but at was very hypocritical. He was in Salem to see if there was any witchcraft in Salem and he had witnessed the girls confessing. However, more toward the end, he was quick to defend John Proctor when he was claiming that the girls were feuds and everyone of them are telling lies about witches. Reverend Hale had integrity because he was a man a good faith and admitted that he was wrong, but at the end he tried to convince John Proctor. I want to talk about three important characters that seemed to fall into the social trap of hypocrisy. One is Judge Danforth, who is blinded by his pride.

Another is Reverend Parris, who goes against church and morals. Finally, it is Marry Warren who fears being convicted and blames her selfishness to hypocracy.

One character that seemed to fall into the social trap of hypocrisy is Judge Danforth. When he is questioning Mary Warren about her sudden decision to tell the truth, Danforth ridicules Mary when saying, "How were you instructed in your life? Do you not know that God damns all liars?" (94). Judge observes himself as superior than others, and he thinks that it is not wrong to overcome others to behave as foolish moronic. He thinks pressing other people to confess will save their lives is okay, while he is unrealized about his incorrectness of his view. When Reverend Hale fall short in his endeavor to forgiven the charged, Danforth states, "I cannot pardon these when twelve are already...