Essay Topic : Fear was demonstrated through the words and actions of groups of characters in the chrysalids(a book) by John Wyndham (author).

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Often novels have many wonderful and exclusive themes. These themes represent author's views on many different aspects. Many authors use reflective themes to express their opinion on an ongoing event. A novel is usually based on several themes that represent author's views on a certain thing. Similarly, many themes which represent authors idea are used in the novel the chrysalids. In the novel the chrysalids by John Wyndham it is evident that fear was demonstrated through the words and actions of groups of characters making fear a major theme of the novel.

Firstly, fear was demonstrated by the people of Waknuk. The people of Waknuk considered themselves as the true image of god and continuously strived to become purer and purer. They feared deviations because deviations were considered as impurities sent by the devil. This could be verified when the inspector said "The Devil sends deviations among us to weaken us and tempt us away from purity" (Wyndham 55).

This quote suggests that the people of Waknuk considered deviations as the devils diminishing weapon and feared them. Furthermore, the people of Waknuk feared God. The people of Waknuk were afraid that God might send another tribulation, so they praised God in any way possible. This can be revealed when Joseph Strorm states "Lord, we have sinned in omission. We beg thy forgiveness that we have not better instructed this child in thy laws......" (27).In addition, the people of Waknuk feared the people of fringes. The people of fringes raided Waknuk to steal some food and goods. Wyndham shows readers that the Waknuk people feared the fringes people by writing "Their existence had become a dangerous nuisance and their depredations the course of many representations to the Government in Rigo (21).

Secondly, Fear was demonstrated by the people of fringes.