The essay is about tradititions and how they are important.

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Dion Purchas

Period 7

The Analysis of Tradition

Tradition is used all over the world. Tradition is something that a lot of people believe in. Some people like to celebrate different events and do different things. Some people don't like to do the same thing all the time. They like to change things. Well I'm here to talk about how tradition is good and bad. In the short storyThe Lottery they talk about tradition. I will explain what their tradition is about.

Tradition is a way of life for some people. They also don't want to change it.

Tradition is good because it is a time to get together with friends and family. Like birthdays and Christmas and other various holidays. A lot of people like tradition because it makes them happy. Like in sports when an athlete celebrates after he or she scores a point or stops someone else from scoring.

Tradition is good in a way because people like to get together and have fun with their friends. Overall tradition is a good way of living.

Tradition is bad in a way because sometimes it gets people hurt or angry. Like in high school at the beginning of the year when the senior beat up on the freshmen. This is not a good tradition and should be changed. Teachers don't say anything because they figure it's a tradition. The freshmen get beat up and taken advantage of because they are new and young. That's the tradition of high school students that should be changed.

The short storyThe Lottery had a lot to do with tradition. The story was about a box that the whole town used every year. Some people wanted to change the box and get a new box because the old box was getting...