This essay is about trusting oneself and how to build confidence in a person.

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Sometimes, from the outside looking in, all you can say is that the situation is complex, there's no nice, easy, safe way out, all you can do is play the cards you have and hope the dealer turns up something nice on the river. Like I said, it's invigorating to be in the throws of emotion, it's life affirming, it is the risk we take by not being hermits hiding in the shadows woeful over our forlornness. You can only love by cracking open your rib cage and showing someone your beating heart, of course you run the risk of bacterial infection while they deliberate. Just be yourself first and foremost, that's who you want the person to like and love, not some watered down or huffed up version. Be thoughtful, trust your instincts, and remain in character. I think it is wrong when people say you can't or shouldn't change.

I think that you can and should, but only after a person accepts you for your both your faults and your potential. We evolve as much in this lifetime as we do over thousands of lifetimes, the changes are infinitely more subtle, but no less important for a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You and her have to fall for what is essentially base in the other. If you can love and accept that for what it's worth then anything that blossoms from it is icing. Maintain your integrity, be honest with yourself first because that is who you really have to live with. Be confident that in doing so your life will take the right course because your bright enough and good enough to land on your feet. If you keep these kinds of, "I trust myself, and have confidence in myself.", thoughts moist...