This essay is on two best friends who grew up with one another going through what life throws on a high school student and how they got through it..imagery is very strong.

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Rickie throughout the years of her life has not always had someone there for her, no matter what condition. She had many friends but, the friends that meant the most to her were her best friends. Throughout the years, Rickie became closer to one of her friends, Renee. They were inseparable; they did everything together. Their friendship had its ups and its downs, which made their friendship stronger; and in her last years in high school, they became closer and closer to one another. They knew they could always count on one another; no matter what happened they would be there for each other. Through this relationship, Rickie finally learned the meaning of true friendship; a friend that goes through thick and thin and are there for you no matter what.

In the beginning, Rickie could never say she had any true friends. She had many friends, some of whom were best friends, but because she never knew what it really was, she never had a true friend.

To her at the time, a true friend was a best friend, someone to hang out with, someone to have sleepovers with, and someone to jump in puddles with. Over the years she began to know Renee better; pretty soon they were inseparable. Renee and Rickie's friendship was different, but Rickie did not know why. Renee was not the kind of person she ever thought she would be friends with; they were total opposites. Renee loved pink fluffy things; Rickie loved sports and blue. The only thing they really had in common was their love for food. But over time Rickie knew Rene was exactly the kind of person who becomes a true friend. So Rickie learned what a true friend was over a tiny table at Tim Horton's and a million sleepovers.

As the years went on, Rickie and Renee became even closer. Rickie and Renee told each other everything from who they liked to why they were crying so hard. Rickie always knew that when she was hungry Renee would be hungry also. She knew that when she needed someone to talk to, Renee would be there to listen, and when she needed encouragement, she could always count on Renee for good motivation. Through Renee's actions and loving friendship Rickie realized this was a friend like no other. Rickie knew that whenever she needed a friend to just sit there with her and stare at the wall, she could always count on Renee; whether it was good or bad Renee always knew just what to do. No other friend was like Renee. She was a true friend.

As time went on Rickie realized their friendship was more important to her than anything else in her life- even sports. Rickie often said, "She played sports to prevent herself from getting fat". Everyone knew Rickie loved the feeling of running up and down the court or field; she loved the sweat dripping down the side of her face. What Rickie loved even more was the feeling she got when looked into the stands and knew she would see Renee there. Whether Renee knew what was happening or not, it was good to see someone watching her play that cared about her that much. It was amazing that Renee sat through so many of Rickie's games especially since it was a known fact that the only sport Renee watched was the Canucks. But rain or shine, Renee was there watching, even if she had to be huddled under an umbrella in a blanket, sitting on the cold red track with two others. Rickie knew this strange girl named Renee, in the bright pink shirt, was a true friend.

One day Rickie read a book that her mom had given her for a birthday gift. It was a mother/daughter book containing views on life, friends, and making the right choices. It was an awesome book, which Rickie read many times. The first time she read this book she never understood what it meant. As it contained so much information she became very confused. But one day she looked at it, and read the poem, "What a friend is", and everything it said was a description of what makes a friend, was like the relationship that Renee and Rickie had. It was after reading that poem that she knew she had a true friend.

Things never changed between Renee and Rickie. No matter how big a fight was, or how much they seemed to hate each other at the time, Rickie and Renee knew deep down that no matter what happened they would always be friends. Even when they both moved away from their home town to go to school, they called each other everyday, just to hear the other's voice. They knew true friends are not just friends together but friends even a million miles apart.