An essay on two physcological issues pretaining to war: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and shell shock

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War will never be pretty or fun. It will always be gruesome and will cause the loss of many lives. Everyone grieves over those lives that were lost, but what about the people that live? What about the people that are in the military hospitals who are now amputees? How about the ones that have psychological problems? You don't here anyone grieving for these people. This paper will explain and describe two psychological issues that developed because of war and its traumatic effects.

What is war? Through out history, war has been defined as a state of open, armed, often-prolonged conflict. We have fought in these many wars over such things as oil or different beliefs. A good example would be the Cold War, which was almost started over misunderstanding and miscommunication plus the fact that the U.S. and Russia hated each other. The types of people that have fought in these wars were typically lower to middle class Americans.

The upper class rarely entered the war because they had their wealth to take care of. Most wars the men where young, ranging from ages of eighteen to twenty-six. These are the men that got these two terrible disorders. These are where the two terrible psychological issues occurred, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Shell Shock.

The two terrific disorders PTSD and Shell Shock, may have some similar symptoms, but have completely different effects and long-term issues. PTSD

"Results from exposure to an overwhelmingly stressful event or series of events, such as war, rape, or abuse. It is a normal response by normal people to an abnormal situation. The traumatic events that lead to PTSD are typically so extraordinary or severe that they would distress almost anyone. These events are usually sudden." (Sourcebook p.1).

A good example of how a...