Essay: What type of Government and Environment did the ancient romans have?

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The emperor is the most important roman citizen. The first emperor, Augustus, called himself "First among equals". Consuls and senators were next in important citizens. They were very rich and powerful. The two top senators became consuls. Usually the consuls, senators and the emperor met. After consuls and senators came the knights (equities). They were rich citizens and had important jobs, like working in the government army. Then came along ordinary citizens much poorer than the senators or knights. Many were shopkeepers or farmers.

After the ordinary citizens came freed men and women. Often shopkeepers, too. Then were the slaves. The slaves were mostly foreign prisoners who were bought and sold. Some slaves had terrible jobs such as working in mines. A few skilled slaves became actors and cooks. They became rich and famous.

Discipline is very important in the roman government. It is not wise to break a rule in Rome.

Minor crime punishment is beatings. Thieves are banded. The worst offences could be for a slave is execution.


In the Italian peninsula it has the same climate as the Mediterranean climate. Mild, rainy, winters and hot, dry summers. The climate in the north is cooler, rain is plentiful. Italian peninsula is an ideal place for farming. Romans grew olives, grapes and wheat.

The city of Rome has tremendous environmental advantages, because of that it made it easier for Rome to become an important city. The city of Rome is located the first place people could come when they crossed the Tiger river, so it is the natural location of the main north-south road in Italy. There are important salt flats near the city of Rome, because salt is so important in the ancient world. As Romans expanded their empire they encountered many different environments.