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In order to understand how the American government works, one must address

the questions, who governs and for what purpose. However, the obvious answer may not

be the correct one. Many may think that those who govern are the people or perhaps

politicians. In actuality, there is no definite individual or particular group who governs.

Instead governing is a process, which involves several groups (voters, candidates, parties,

executive officials etc) who carry out the policies of the people by bargaining,

supporting, and compromising. The purpose of those who govern is to bind society in

law. The Constitution provides legitimacy for the government's purpose, ensuring the

rights of the people, as well as, protecting those who are governed from being dominated

by those in power.

One of the most important components of the American government is

democracy. Democracy is relevant to who governs because it shows that one individual

does not govern and although "the people" may elect someone, the process of getting

there and the process of staying there involves other institutions that prevent too much

power. Democracy involves political participation, voting, and citizen participation.

Thus, one can say that every institution or individual governs in various ways and for

different purposes. The American government follows Participatory democracy or

representative democracy. The president is elected to serve the interests of the people.

He represents the will of the majority, just as the title suggests. He is authorized to make

decisions, but he alone does not have full control. In an essay concerning civil

government, John Locke describes how a government functions. According to him, the

only way a government can exist is when the people individually consent to the power of

the government under majority rule. In order for a government to exist the people must

submit to the government...