This is an essay about the united states marines corps it give an overveiw of the corps.

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The United States Marine Corps

Most people never think of the people that protect our country. Many people never could imagine the effort those men and women put forth. Out of the military forces there are it is known that the marines are the best. The marines go through the hardest training and they up live all that they have learned in their training. The United States Marine Corps is known for being the most elite military service in the world. Marines show this through their traditions, belief in their corps, and through their perilous work toward being a member of this respected organization.

Throughout history, many foreigners have tried to mock the Marines. Most of the time these mocking terms were meant to break the spirits of marines but they never succeeded. Now these terms are part of a marine's everyday life and are seen as compliment.

The two most common terms are "leatherneck" and jarhead.

"Leatherneck" refers to a wide leather neckpiece, called the stock, which was worn as a collar on the marines uniform from 1798 until 1872. The purpose of the stock was to protect the neck while in hand-to-hand combat. It also kept a marines head up right while marching. Leatherneck is now used as the name for a popular marine's magazine. "Jarhead" was a term that originated during world war two. It is believed that this term was made up because of how a marine's head looks while wearing the Dress Blues uniform.

The marines have acquired many slogans. A master sergeant named Paul Woyshner was the origin of the marines most popular statement "Once a marine; Always a marine." In a barroom argument Master Sergeant Woyshner shouted this statement. Soon this statement became what every marine lives by. This statement also ruled out...