This essay is about the upcoming war against Iraq. In the essay, I analyze President George W. Bush's fallacies in explaining his urge for war.

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Yesterday night, I was in a fierce dispute with my American friends about a war against Iraq. They advocated for the war as they pointed out some "good old reasons" about Iraq being a haven for Al-Quaeda as well as many other terrorist association or the Nuclear-Biological capacity of Hussein. Mostly, they support President Bush's "evil triangle" theory. Some even went as far as they stated that the notorious Chamberlain-Hitler scenario will repeat itself if we keep compromising with Saddam Hussein. One even told me "Pick the one that fits you and get loose the dogs of war." I think it is quite immature, rather hasty and trigger-happy to wage a war using such reasoning. Those reasons, ostensibly persuasive as they may seem, are fairly fallacious to many people. First of all, contrary to many beliefs, Saddam was not, is not and never will be a major threat to the United States.

It seems to me that the American leaders is being deceitful to their people as they try to cover their avarice for Iraqi resources by describing Saddam Hussein as a first-rate terrorist and a biggest threat to international security next to Osama bin Laden. Before letting loose and yelling for a war, let's consider the following:

Saddam is simply a third-rate tin-pot dictator like many other around the world. He is not the "next Hitler" by any mean and portraying him as someone who wants to "take over the world" is patent absurdity from people who simply repeat their own government's propaganda. Saddam was not, is not and will never be a "threat to his neighbors" unless the United States allowed him to be. When he invaded Iran in the 80's, the United States cheered him on and sold him weapons. Any one who read the transcript...