This essay is about the upsides and downsides of capitalism and why it isn't the utopian government that many people believe it to be.

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Capitalism is defined as a system based on private control of capital. A purely capitalist government has a free market and allows people to make money any way they see fit, unless it infringes on the rights of another citizen. The problem with capitalism is that it gives people too much freedom. Capitalism uses profit for motivation, profit brings out the worst in people, it makes people greedy. The combination of greed and freedom is what corrupts a capitalist society. Capitalism creates a system where profit is the ultimate means to an end and the process does not matter. Despite this fact there are many supporters of Capitalism and some strong arguments and examples of Capitalism being very successful. Yet because of the corruption capitalism instills in its people capitalist societies tend to do things that are abhorrent, unethical and wasteful. Capitalism is not the 'utopian' government that many people believe it to be.

There are more supporters of Capitalism than any other government type in the world. Capitalism has a vast number of advantages and incorporates many ideas that philosophers believed in. Aristotle believed "every person had the tools to develop the knowledge necessary to guide his or her life to unlimited prosperity, pleasure and happiness." Aristotle had the idea that if people were left to their own devices they would seek out the knowledge they needed to become successful without any assistance. Aristotle didn't know it but what he was supporting was Capitalism. Plato had the exact opposite idea, which is the way most governments operated in the past. He believed that the state had to have control over the economy for things to be done to the benefit of everyone. John Locked believed that the government's only role in society was "to protect the right of...