This essay is about how the to use the new technology to get an education online; compared to the old way, the classroom education.

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Online Distance Education




III.What Distance Education is?

A.Historical perspective


IV.Technological Options









A.Small-room videoconference

B.Classroom videoconference

C.Desktop video conference

VI.Face- To-Face Vs. Distance Learning



VII.World Wide Web Technologies

A.The Internet

-Definition and Power

-Good News and Bad News

-Advantages and Disadvantages

B.Web Tycho




IX.References (Citation)


Now there's a way for working adults to obtain a degree that requires a person to log onto a computer and connect to the Internet. Technology has allowed full-time employees to achieve that same four-year degree that every incoming young freshman is achieving nowadays. This method can be done while at work, in school computer labs, or at the privacy of your own home. Online studies provide a number of learning options, in addition to classroom-based instruction. An example is, "Distance Education", when the instructor and student are separated by physical distance and technology.

These course delivery formats are designed to offer the working adult the greatest flexibility in planning their academic schedule. Many of these formats use the latest technological advances to bring teachers and students at different locations together, while others enable to complete course requirements without classroom attendance.

How would you like to own your own house, have a brand new car, be able to go out to a nice restaurant whenever you want, and still have money to fill your wallet with? How would you like to not have to worry about how much money you are spending, and what you should and should not buy? Well, I am sorry to say, but in today's society that does not happen very often. Money unfortunately does not grow on trees, nor is it just given to you for no reason. People must...