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There are many different environmental issues that face the world today; we discussed many of these issues in our Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy class. All environmental problems are different in some way, although many of them have factors in common. For the most part the environmental issues we discussed have to do with the degradation of the environment.

We discussed many different issues throughout the semester. These issues varied from small issues that could be changed through community involvement to large issues that affect the entire world. The solutions brought up for these issues also varied in many different ways.

I think that most of the environmental problems are not all black and white. There isn't just one right solution to a problem. The fact is that some people do see some proposed solutions as a good course of action, while others don't. There are also people that don't see the issues as problems at all.

This could be for many reasons. Most people don't see how the problem affects them so they are unwilling to pay extra money to help. Money or people's want for money I think is factor that plays a part in almost all of the environmental problems we discussed. Although impossible to achieve, most environmental problems would not exist in such extreme cases if we had an endless supply of money to combat them.

Another factor is that people don't want to do all the work for the solution of the problem. In most of the environmental issues they don't have one clear solution; people aren't going to waste their time trying all the solutions if they don't see that as the best solution for the problem.

People don't want to buy the more expensive fluorescent light bulbs over the cheaper regular light...