The Essay is about White Supremacy Groups during the Slavery

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White Supremacists

Racism is a major issue even today. Even though people say that beauty comes from inside most of us judge people by their appearance. Today we even separate the music and clothes, rap and baggy clothes are black style while heavy metal and preppie clothes are considered white styles. But the question is how did all this began?

Right after the Civil War some of the slave owners got frustrated with the defeat, because they didn't want to lose their slaves. But after they had to free all of the blacks, they felt humiliated so they denounced white Republicans as traitors to their race and tried to do everything to overthrow the Reconstruction. Uniting most Southern whites in opposition to the Reconstruction was not hard because they had many common feelings. Most of them were against racism and the rise in taxation to pay for new Reconstruction programs.

These Southerners argued that overthrowing the Reconstruction would bring an end to the dictatorship and that they would reestablish orderly and responsible government. White people encouraged other whites to vote Democratic and in the upper South, majority of the people would vote for a Democratic Party, but lower South had more blacks, which they had to either convince them to vote Democratic or to stay home. This is where the White Groups come in.

One of the first major secret terrorist organizations was the Ku Klux Klan, which originated in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. The organization got started by six former Confederate army officers who named the clan after a Greek word kyklos, which means circle. The followers usually wore white robes while the leaders were dressed in black robes, they had cone shaped hats which covered their whole face. Their objective was to destroy the Reconstruction governments from...