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In its truest form, the differences between a liberal and a conservative is a wide gap that focuses upon the fundamental beliefs of those within each group. A liberal in older days was not what one would be today; they were considered a person whom sought to use change, while a conservative is one who opposed change. In modern society, the differences between a liberal and conservative does not lie in its most basic definition, but in a smaller set of beliefs in which each group holds to. Because of those beliefs, I clearly fall into the category called conservative.

One of the most substantial differences between the average liberal and conservative is the belief in religion. Many liberals do not hold religion as important, or as high priority in their life as compared to their conservative counterparts. I myself, hold Christianity as the most important aspect of my life, nothing else in which I am a part of, or have experienced can take a larger role within my life.

Another aspect of the difference between liberals and conservatives within the topic of religion is the type of faith one has. A majority of liberals have a tendency to be of the Catholic faith, while the conservatives tend to be of a Protestant faith. I am of the latter; being a member of a Brethren church it places me firmly into the Protestant beliefs.

Another aspect, in which the vast majority of liberals and conservatives have different views upon, is abortion. For the average liberal, the view on abortion is that it's the woman's right to have an abortion... to kill an unborn child. My view is the complete opposite, and follows what the conservative view is. What I believe is that abortion is murder. Where those whom agree...