This essay is about why students should be reqiured to take health screenings. Tile:Should all students be required to take the health screenings?

Essay by john2286High School, 12th grade February 2004

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Should all students be required to take the health screenings? I think students should be

required to take the health screening test. There are a lot of dangerous diseases going around.

Most of these diseases are sexually transmitted diseases and teenagers are the ones who mostly

carry them. Whether taking the test in a clinic, going to a private doctor, or in school, students

should take the health test so if you have a disease you can cure it before spreading it to someone

else. Teenagers also drink alcohol then do some crazy things when they are under the influence.

Whether a teen smokes weed, has a STD, or drinks, a health test can determine that and help that

certain individual.

Teenagers are the most people who carry sexually transmitted diseases. If they do not get

cured and a baby is bored by an infected person chances are the baby is infected too.

I think

schools should give out condoms to students so it can stop the STD rate from increasing. To be

sure this works, when students take a health screening test they should be required to take a

survey on sex related topics. As a result, health problems could decrease.

There are many things a health screening test can uncover, for instance when a teen

smokes weed and goes to school its a sad thing. The student does not learn anything. He or she

may end up hurting someone or themselves and disrupt class. I believe that a health screening test

could indeed help a teen who is under the influence of drugs because they can receive treatment

and save lives with their story.

Teens like parties and most likely a teen will bring alcohol or go to a party drunk. This can

be dangerous for...