Essay on William Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet' Is Capulet a good father?

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During the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Capulet demonstrates many qualities to prove he is a good father, the only uncertainty should arise from whose values we use to determine this. Our 21st century, Westernized perception of a good father will (most definitely) be different to the societal values during the 1600’s when the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is based. For example something completely acceptable within the culture that ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was set in, such as arranged marriages, is heavily frowned upon and considered wrong by our “Western” culture. Instead of focusing on particular actions Capulet carries out during the play, and assuming that he is a bad father for doing so, we should try and realize that he portrays many qualities that a good father should posses in any country or culture. During ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Capulet shows he is a good father towards Juliet by demonstrating that he is considerate, responsible, concerned as to what is best for his daughter and loving.

By displaying these forms of affection and reliability it is obvious that Capulet is an exceptionally good father towards his daughter Juliet.

Being considerate to other people is very important and by showing his consideration towards Juliet throughout the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Capulet assures us that he is a good father. Despite the fact that arranged marriages were the norm and the father had absolute control over his children during the time when the play was written, Capulet still tries to maintain Juliet’s wellbeing and happiness whilst doing what would have been in her best interests at the time. Capulet shows that he is not willing to marry his daughter off at such a young age by explaining to Paris, “My child is yet a...