This is a essay that was written a few years ago about the pros and cons of going into computer technology as a major in college.

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Today a career in computer technology is not only smart but it will be one of the best occupations to have by the time the year 2000 gets here. Three such career fields are computer operator, computer programmer, and computer technician. Computer operators, computer programmers, and computer technicians must all know computer language at their own expertise level because of the constant changes in businesses due to computer technology.These businesses will demand that all employee's know what their part is at the work place.

A computer operator can also be called a console operator and they must follow a set of detailed instructions to insert, alter, and monitor computer programs "...these programs process, store, and produce business, scientific, and engineering data." (Colorado Career Information System [COCIS} occ 4612). Furthermore, computer operators must be sure that the correct information goes into the computer and must then control and monitor the system while it is running.

Computer operators must also trouble-shoot the system in case of errors (1).

To add, computer operators are the lowest level in the computer programming field. As an example, in government occupations, upon hire, most computer operators would start at a GS-4 level and can move up to a GS-10 or higher level. The higher the level the more salary they make. Computer programmers would be at the GS-6 level, and the computer technicians would be at the GS-8 through GS-10 level. Usually to be at a GS-10 level one has to be very proficient in the field and have many years behind them. The salary for computer operators varies. According to the COCIS printout, (occ 4612) a computer operator can make up to twenty-seven thousand, four-hundred dollars annually but this may differ at different locations in Colorado.

To go on, computer programmers have a more...