This is an essay written for an honors english submission. It is about the concept of world overpopulation.

Essay by OcastaHigh School, 11th grade May 2002

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Imagine, living in a commune with people from around the world. You no longer own anything larger than your PC and each person switches rooms every Monday, so that people randomly bunk with others indiscriminately, though the bunkers may have prejudices. Imagine, plowing under fields and forests, slaughtering livestock recklessly and replacing the farmland with apartment complexes. Imagine slaughtering the mentally retarded, the hungry, homeless, old, white trash?up the line of undesirables until there is room to feed and room all that are left. Why do I present these three horrible scenarios? I do that because humans may very well have to accept those fates if our rising population isn't curved somehow.

Once upon a time, there was a time when Pestilence, Famine, and War were a part of Death inc., Mother Nature's favorite pest-control company. This was a time when disease was a mystery, when hunger was commonplace, and when ambition was a virtue.

Those days are gone with the arrival of modern medicine, general help, and international peacekeeping?it sounds as though I find those changes as aggravations. On the contrary, change is a good thing. It's not what has changed that is the problem: it's what stays the same. Still in these days, people insist on spawning like rabbits, at a fantastic rate. At one time humans, like all mammals, needed to breed quickly because death came quickly in early life without protection from the elements?that is now readily available to all. Living as close to utopia as any nation in the world is, the USA can realize the problem that is spreading. It threatens our way of life, our economy, and our personal well being. Dare I say it? Dare I think it? I do dare utter the word: overpopulation.

The problem is so vague?too many people?...