Essay written by Marilyn Yalom, "The Wife Today".

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A popular essay written by Marilyn Yalom, "The Wife Today", focuses on the latest trends in the role of the wife against the background of traditional expectations. In her essay, Yalom argues that many common perceptions about today's women are inaccurate.

Yalom's essay makes it clear to the reader that the main point of her writing is to raise women's awareness of their ability to choose wifehood. American wives today have many reasons to work outside of the home. One reason is women do not want to be economically dependent on their partners. In the young days of American society, women were expected to stay home and take care of the children, however; this idea is not relevant today. The theory of "bargaining power" indicates that the more money a spouse brings, the more power they have over their partners. This theory brings up a common problem between couples. Women used to feel powerless due to the lack of work and money.

In today's day and age, women have the choice and the ability to work and be economically independent from their partners. Another reason why married women choose to work is that "they do not want to be confined in the perimeters of the home." (p.197 3rd ¶) Today, females attend universities and colleges to obtain degrees and have equal opportunities as men to work. With this, women expand their education as well as their interpersonal skills.

On the contrary, some women prefer the idea of staying home. The life of a housewife is rewarding, if it is freely chosen. Economic factors play a typical role in this choice. Yalom states in her essay, "A relatively small percentage of married women today are economically able to choose this life."(p.198 1st ¶) The quote illustrates that women who chose to...