Essay written about the relationship between aboriginals and explorers throughout history in response to three books.

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Explorers in the works The History and Topography of Ireland and Voyage of the Beagle are awestruck and impressed with the ability of the aboriginal people to have such pride in who they are, where they come from, and all they have accomplished. In The Journals and Lewis and Clark there was no substantial evidence of this impressment. However, in all three works, the explorers feel completely superior to their way of life.

Gerald of Wales is awestruck and impressed with the findings of the aboriginal people. In The History and Topography of Ireland, he shows much interest in each ruler and his descendants who played a large part in the new developments in the land of Ireland during their reigns. From the creation of Ireland, rulers have come and rulers have gone. Many came from the same family, descendants of one another, while others were rivals, or they were simply new rising individuals.

Through the political aspect of making a new country, many geographical discoveries were made that shaped Ireland into the new land of the time. Each ruler's reign was measured by the number of discoveries made and their effect on the new country. They were proud of what they did for their new home, even if it was little and they did not do much to get their success. Gerald of Wales noted many of the rulers and their entourages. However, my finding led the following group to be of interest: The son of Sera and his three sons found their way to the coast of Ireland. "After the first is named the lake of Lagilinus, and after the second is named the high mountain that overlooks the sea between Ireland and Britain - Salanga." The third son named lake Ruturugus. Each son was proud of...