This essay was written to submit for a 30% grading for a module. It discusses a retail outlets layout and how few aspects of operations function.

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Spring 2008



Executive Summary :

Pan furniture was founded in 1991 by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi. Pan Furniture does not only cater to home furnishing but also outdoors and office. They have managed to create success by carving a niche for themselves in the retailing business. They boost of unique design, pattern and a very large showroom in Abu Dhabi Mall. Abu Dhabi Mall is located in the commercial hub and is thronged on a regular basis by families as well as the younger crowd. This works to the advantage of Pan Furniture by assuring visitors to the showroom if not a buyer. Having the liberty of being spread over a generous space , the showroom demonstrates different designs and styles for Bedroom, living room , dining room , kid's den , teenager's heaven as well multipurpose office space.

Each of the rooms are accessorized with the required products for the beautification and functioning of the rooms. This enables the customer to seek ideas for decorating their own personal space as well as helps in decision making. Purchasing gets easier as every object is placed accordingly and the buyer can decide what to buy and where to place and how to manage space.

When a customer enters the showroom, on his left he is welcomed with a beautiful array of flower vase arranged which serves as display as well as item to be purchased. As we venture further into the showroom we witness the various items on display such as lampshades , ceiling lamp , floor lamp , decorative items , picture frames , bedding ,unique crockery , storage kitchenware , garden accessories , curtains and drapes , table tops and floor coverings. As we continue...