This essays compares the The book version of the Salem Witch Trials "The Crucible" to the movie version of The Salem Witch Trials.

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The Crucible is a story of the Salem Witch Trials, which took place in 1692. Arthur Miller has portrayed this story in many different forums. The book for example, requires the reader to think, picture and visualize emotions and scenes by thought of imagination. The movie, however, adds all emotions and allow the viewers to connect with the characters, from seeing the emotions and body language being expressed. This leaves many with the question, "Is the movie really better?" The answer to this question can easily be studied.

First lets compare in contrast setting changes. One in particular that caught my eye is the reunion of Elizabeth and John. In the book they are shown within a cell, while in the movie they're outside by the ocean front. This scene had great meaning to me, I had the chance to connect and personally sense the emotions being released. Its there first sighting in months, emotions are flowing everywhere, as John expressed his feelings to Elizabeth.

Ho confesses his love and determination to work out all flaws in their marriage. The image brings along a more sensitive dramatic setting. The ocean picture, the roaring water, the gusty winds show me the symbol of affection and sensitivity vs. when in the cell emotions aren't as intense.

Dramatized events are also important additions in the movie. Some have complained that drama is one of the more naive forms of art, Despite this, Miller put across in his apparent care for drama within the nature of this dramatic tragedy. Miller dared to tackle hard subjects and the one that proved to be the most controversial of his time. The pressing of Giles Corey was and excellent scene. Giles's body language and facial expressions made the scene what it is. They show his commitment...