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Life as a Chair

As I look around at my fellow chairs, I see that we are all beautiful. Some of us have four legs, some only three, some rock back and forth while others stay still. While many may think that a chair is just something for a person to sit on, our real meaning goes much deeper. Chairs serve as a human body rescue. When mankind needs to rest, we are there to rescue that person no matter how large or foul that individual may be. Being a chair is a tough job, but it is fulfilling to know how many lives we help out each and every day all around the world.

Without chairs, the population would have to stand until no one could stand anymore leading to everyone sitting on the ground. Although the ground is just as useful as a chair, it is not meant for people to be seated on.

The ground is cold, dirty, and uncomfortable too. The world would be in chaos without chairs! All of us chairs rescue humans from sitting on the ground and being restless. The seating we provide may not be the most comfortable, the most stable, or the most attractive but we serve our purpose the best we can as a human body rescue.

Not everyone realizes how important chairs are. We can be unacknowledged but most of us never let that fact become bothersome. I never take my duty as a chair lightly. No chair can ever tell when a tired sole may come along and need a break. Us chairs are here to serve the people and save them from an awful life of standing and ground-sitting. Without us, the universe would be a crazy place to...