Essential values of college students in the 21st century

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Marie BarralProfessor HeslingaCritical Think/Write 10317 February 2009TrustCollege students have many essential values in the United States that have influenced the culture. One value would be trust. College students learn to trust one another in a sense that they only seem to understand and sometimes they trust wrong people so called "friends". College students also understand how important it is to trust government leaders. Friends, acquaintances, and associates are all very different. These actions show within friends (Facebook), relationships, and government leaders.

In the United States when it comes to college students and friends trust plays a major role. Trust among friends on Facebook escalates more and more as days go by and people begin to trust other people real quick. "When my best friend Kathy… I trust her because she knows what I like. But that's not necessarily… better described as acquaintances" (Holson).

Also college students that meet for the first time seem to hype themselves rather quickly.

A woman who met a guy on a Saturday night accepted his friend request on Facebook because the guy seemed very young and handsome from that one time they met. Sometimes this leads to a disappointment. "It was a turnoff, not only did he have too many friends by her standards 65, but 90 percent of them were women. Worse, when she logged onto face book last Sunday at 8:00 a.m., she found her "friend" had already posted the pictures from Saturday night on his page" (Holson). People should not trust other people that are hardly even known so quickly.

People cannot go around meeting people on Facebook and opening up without thinking of consequences. Neither can they meet on a street or at a mall and expect to be best friends with the person. "Allow users of the social networking site...