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EstoniaEstonia is located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea. Between Latvia and Russia it has an area of 46,226 square kilometers including land and water. There’s 2015 kilometers of water and 43,211 km. Estonia also includes 1520 islands in the Baltic Sea. Slightly smaller than New Hampshire and Vermont combined, Estonia has a coastline of 3794 km. Estonia’s climate is a humid continent with moderate winters and cool summers. Its terrain is marshy, has lowlands and is flat in the north and hilly in the south. It gets ten to forty inches of rain per year. The capital is Tallin. Major cities include Kunda, Narve and Tartu.

Estonia’s industries include engineering, electronics, wood products, textile, technology, and telecommunications. Land use is a commercial agriculture, livestock, ranching and fishing. The GDP of Estonia is 20,300 dollars. Currency for Estonia is the Estonian krooni. One US dollar is equal to about 10.6669


The ethnic group of people in Estonia are 67.9% Estonian, 25.6% Russian, 2.1% Ukrainian, and 4.4% other. The prominent language in Estonia is Estonian. Children go to preschool between the ages of three and six years old. If they are seven by October 31 they can go to school. They are through with school after nine years of basic education or they are 17. The basic school education is mandatory for all children in the age group of 7 to 16 years.

After getting the Basic School Leaving Certificate, a student in Estonia is eligible for the secondary education. It covers a period of three years divided into two main streams, which are secondary general school/gymnasium education and vocational education. The Secondary School Leaving Certificate makes one eligible for pursuing higher studies.

Saare beer (dark and heavy yet tasty).

• Mulled wine.

• Vana Tallinn (a local liqueur that’s probably best left to the locals to sip).

Legal drinking age: 18.

Sült (jellied veal).

• Täidetud vasikarind (roast stuffed shoulder of veal).

• Rosolje (vinaigrette with herring and beets).

• Braised goose stuffed with apples and plums.

• Estonian wild mushroom soup.