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A)What Constitutes an Estuary?

B)Why are they so Important?

C)What Types of Organisms live their?

D)What, if any thing, is being done to ave estuaries?

E)Other special interesting or unique facts about Estuaires?

F)Bibliography (using appropriate MLA fromat)?

Estuaries are partially enclosed bodies of water where saltwater from the sea mixes with freshwater from rivers, streams, and creeks. Estuaries are enclosed by some of the coastline, mashes, and the wetlands. The seaward border may be barrier islands, reefs, and sand or mud flats. All estuaries are special, every ecosystem has different parts to it that complete the estuaries habitat. With all estuaries being different this means that some estuaries can be enclosed in marshes and barrier islands. While another estuary can be boarded along the coat line and reefs. Some bodies of water that include: sloughs, bays, harbors, sounds, inlets, and bayous. Some well known estuaries include: Chesapeake bay, San Francisco Bay, Boston Harbor, Tampa Bay, and Puget Sound.

Estuaries are also home to terrestrial or land-based plants and animals. Also, unique aquatic plants and animals.The organisms that live in estuaries are as follows: Wood Storks, Pelicans, Coniferous and Deciduous Trees, Butterflies, Sea Grass, Sea Turtles, and Sea Lions. These organisms are special in that they are adapted to live in the "brackish" water of estuaries.

Estuaries are very important for a plethora of reasons. They are among some of the most biologically productive ecosystems on the planet. Of all the fish and shell fish we eat, most have spent most of their time in in the "brackish" water of these estuaries. Besides food estuaries are also important for other things as well. The act as filters for terrestrial pollutants an help to provide protection from flooding. There is also an economic importance as well. they...