Ethical Aspects in Contraception

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Medical ethics

19 May 2014

Ethical aspects in contraception:

When trying to focus on the ethical aspects of the use of contraceptive methods we must consider that the use of these depends on agreement to personal freedom and autonomy. We have to realize that we are trying to get through this topic we are in between the depths of the human being where on one side is the union of a man and a woman attracted toward each other by the sexual instinct which is natural and primary, is what we call the unitive aspect of the sexual act. On the other hand is something equally grandiose in the given the creation of a new life called fecundation aspect of the sexual act. These aspects influence the intimate moment in which a couple has to make the decision to use a contraceptive or not.

Women's and couples may have different and personal reasons to use them. Each of those reasons have driven the development of the modern contraceptive technology, which can be used for everyone. The use or not of these contraceptive methods should be respected, as the rights of persons or human rights.

The woman may decide the time of pregnancy and the number of the same, separating the sexual aspects of the generative or fecundation and, so as not to lose the enjoyment of sexuality, but at the same time do not have the disadvantage of a pregnancy that would interfere in their quality of life according to their personal goals. The advances in science and technology are achievements that should be used to achieve the desires of the individual. That is, if they are useful for the purposes for which I would think are good. In the extreme cases as it...