This is an ethical case study that I made up to provoke discussion in class. I wrote it for a leadership communications class.

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Andrew Hanson

COM 320

Ethical Case Study

November 13, 2007

Diversity Not "Gelling" at Gunner Gel

Chad Willit was a passionate man who loved his work. He was the CEO of Gunner Gel Inc., a company that made all sorts of foods, fuel, and energy primarily for competitive bikers, runners, and all around long distance athletes. Why did Chad love his work? Because he was an athlete himself, and the drive he got from coming up with products that would help athletes excel allowed him to begin his own company. Chad's interest in long-distance sports began in middle school, and he began training with Michael Carkist Inc., a training organization headed by a world renown coach. Chad had a lot of talent, but unfortunately his family moved to a small Midwestern town just before high school that didn't have the caliber of coaching he received from Carkist.

But the lack of coaching and competition didn't stop Chad from training and pushing himself to become better. Chad's dream was to become a professional and possibly ride the Tour de France one day, but unfortunately no sponsor or collegiate team would give him the time of day because of the fact that he came from a small town that had never produced elite athletes.

Instead, Chad went to a respected university to earn his degree and trained like there was still hope for his dream. If all else failed, Chad hoped to become a coach like his role model Michael Carkist. But something happened during college. Chad noticed that although he still trained at a high level, he was always much more fatigued during his workouts. With much determination, he invented a carbohydrate based gel packet unlike any other, and this led to the founding of...