Ethical Concerns for a Personal Fitness Professional

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In our modern society a personal trainer is often though of as a bulky body builder who flirts with all his female clients just trying to get some. As a personal trainer in today's fitness world we must try to establish a new stereotype as educated and fit professionals. One of the main ways of doing this is to conduct business with clients in an ethical manner.

Most people think of ethics as "Doing the right thing." But what is doing the right thing in the personal fitness profession. These are some guidelines that the IDEA Health and Fitness Association has adopted for all it's members to adhere by.

1. Always be guided by the best interests of the client.

This just basically means that we need to put the interests of the client above our own interets. When we are working with clients and putting together fitness programs we must always consider what is best for the clients is their safety, health, and welfare.

Always consider how the program, or recommendations, will impact these three areas for the client in the present and in the future.

2. Maintain appropriate professional boundaries.

There are several areas to consider in this category. The firts, and most important in my opinion is to never exploit-sexually, economically, or otherwise-a professional relationship with an employer, an employee, a coworker, or a client. Anothr thing is to respect all your clients' privacy. All information that is of a personal nature (ie. conversations, results, behavior, etc.) should be kept confidential. Another major area of concern is touching in a professional manner. As a personal trainer there is a lot of touching involved to encourage proper lifting and posture, but in our society we must be very careful to guard against improper touching. Always let the clients...