Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma

Jody Richards

University of Phoenix

Ethics in Criminal Justice

CJA 413

Juan Cephas

April 15, 2010



Ethical Dilemma

Ethics as defined by is the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc… Ethical dilemmas in the workplace are nothing new. Situations arise daily for most of us at not only our places of business, but in our personal lives as well. The choice that is made by a person in that situation can affect others, and have either in a positive or negative outcome. The author of this paper has as we all have, been faced with challenges at work, but this situation that will be discussed was the worst. The decision that the author made was based on her moral and ethical values and to hopefully obtain the best outcome possible for all involved.

Following will be a brief synopsis of the situation that the author was faced with and the people that were involved as well as the possible solutions to the address the situation and the outcome.

The job involves testing employees of the San Diego Unified School Districts Transportation Department for their random weekly D.O.T drug tests. I, the collector was provided with a list of random names of employee's who held safety sensitive positions and on scheduled day's would show up unannounced to do the testing. Sometimes a situation would arise where there would be a need for a post-accident or reasonable suspicion test and for that I would be on call. The testing of these employees was regulated by the Departments of Transportation and routine audits of the testing were done by...