Ethical Dilemmas.

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Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics is a big topic is today's society. CEO's of large corporations are scamming employees out of their retirement, priests are being accused of sexual misconduct, and children are packing weapons in the school bags. Making ethical decisions is often easier said than done. I feel that people do not intentionally set out to be unethical. Situations arise that sometimes bring about rash thinking and impulsive decisions. Ethical dilemmas have often crossed my path and sometimes I wanted to take the easy road not the ethical one. "Ethics is defined as the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right and wrong. Encyclopedia Britannica." Ethical dilemmas can occur in workplace, within your family, or with society. The solutions for the ethical dilemmas can be cased on your own code of ethics, morals, and values.

Working in the customer service arena getting the job done right, on time, and under budget is our main focus.

Customer satisfaction will come by itself if those three agendas are met. When you are expected to achieve those three goals day and night sometimes right and wrong can be heavily skewed. I managed the customer service and installation department for a lighting service company with 13,000 customers spread across the United States. I dealt with over 340 subcontractors that performed our maintenance and installations for our customer base. The company was in a financial downward spiral. We would complete jobs and then hound our customers for full payment almost immediately so we could make payroll some weeks. We had a job in Florida that required completion by a certain date in order to have a large sum of money collected in time to make payroll and we were having difficulty getting certain material that would make "code" for the...