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Ethical FilterThis author has completed the Ethical Filter Worksheet found in the weekly materials on his resource course page. The author justified the value's position in the list and included challenges to employing these values consistently when making his personal and organizational decisions. The five values that were most important to him were leading by example, balance, perseverance, coaching/mentoring, and partnership. He will unpack these values and go into detail how he has implemented them in his life.

Leading by exampleThe training and experience in the military has indoctrinated this author to believe and support the awesome responsibility that leaders provide in their organization. Poor leaders usually fail themselves, their organization, and subordinates. Many of the discussion questions and dialog among the class members show failure of leadership in setting or maintaining a high standard. While no one is perfect, the expectation this author carries each day is that as a leader he can make a difference for himself, his team, and his organization.

The main challenge in leading by example is internalizing the rewards. Leading is not for the uncommitted. People see right through that smoke screen. Personal satisfaction is achieved in taking tough jobs and doing them well without complaining, leading a team of people working just as hard as is necessary to get the work done. The biggest organizational challenge when faced with senior leaders who do not lead by example is to remain true to one's values and not lower personal standards. This author is not afraid to role up his sleeves and help in tasks large or small, regardless if upper management refuses to participate. This shows payback when he needs his subordinates to rise to unexpected challenges. They know they can count on him. The doctrine of leadership and the need to make it...