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Ethical Filter WorksheetUniversity of Phoenix MMPBL/500the top of the headers are: Value -Personal Source with Examples - Justify the Value's Position in the List.

Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

IntegrityRecently in my professional life I was faced with a making a choice to terminate an employee. He was always late and had a nasty attitude. But I liked his fierceness when it came to accomplishing an assigned task. I decided to take a little time to get know them, see if I could find the reason behind this behavior. As it turns out, this employee was raising 7 children alone and was requesting night shift position. This would help him to get the older children off the school, and find an afternoon baby sitter to fit all their schedules. He is now on an afternoon shift, his performance has improved along with his attitude.

I placed integrity at the top of my list because I believe that acting with integrity is a fundamental value in any ethical decision. Integrity means holding myself to a high set of moral values and standards. Acting with integrity means adhering to a high set of values, looking at a situation objectively and making a conscious decision everyday to hold myself to that higher standard. As written in the journal of Business Ethics by authors Maureen L. Ambrose, Anke Arnaud, and Marshall Schminke - We predict a greater fit between an employee's level of moral development and the ethical climate of the organization will be related to higher levels of job satisfaction. Ambrose, Arnaud, and Schminke (2007)HonestyThe value of honesty is as important as being ethical, they go hand in hand. We hired a new parts coordinator a couple of months ago, he doesn't work...