Ethical issue of Employer and Employee Rights

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Ethics is, first of all, a way of thinking; it also is matter of Ethos, participation in a community, a practice, a way of life. Business Ethics is a function of the business ethos. Ethical orientation is not simply a formulation of ideas, but a practice undertaken with understanding management. Holmes (2002) considers ethics as the study of morality through different approaches such as moral philosophy or moral legalism. Moral philosophy takes into account the moral wisdom and value of the role of ethics in daily activities. Moral legalism includes the following principles, of which most standard Western ethical theorists follow (Holmes, 2002) Organizational ethics initiatives have not been effectively implemented by many corporations, and there is still much debate concerning the usefulness of such initiatives in preventing ethical and legal misconduct. In this paper, I will use the 9-point guide to analyse the case 'A Matter of Principle' on the book of 'Ethical Theory and Business' written by Bowie, T.

and Beauchamp, T. (2004).

According to the case, Nancy Smith was hired by a pharmaceutical company as a director of Medical Research. In one of the company's research projects, Nancy Smith found that the new formula contained saccharin in an amount that was 44 times than that promulgated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, there are no promulgated standards for the use of saccharin in drugs. And it would take at least three months to develop an alternative formula. The company decided to process the existing formula. But Nancy Smith was unwilling to participate in the clinical testing as the saccharin is a possible carcinogen. And she thought the task was unethical. The management gave her a demotion for her being irresponsible, unproductive, and uncooperative with marketing. And then Nancy Smith resigned.

From above review, we could...