Ethical Issues Incident at Morales

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Incident at Morales

In the video clip Incident at Morales there were many ethical issues demonstrated by the company. The characters did not show any remorse for safety, health, and environmental regulations. They failed to notify their coworkers and clients about the construction process when ethical decisions had to be made. The procedure of the project was not presented in an honest approach, therefore numerous corrupt actions occurred. Confidential topics were discussed freely among the employers. All employees were not treated equally and acknowledged for contributions.

Fred faced many ethical issues throughout the video. Fred did not consider the safety and health of others when purchasing different parts for the plant. He bought less expensive pipes and connectors for the plant in order to save money and did not consider the consequences. He knew the material was not very good quality because it could not sustain high temperatures or pressure for a long period of time.

Also, instead of going with the better quality sensors from Lutz and Lutz, he chose the cheaper alternative. The sensors he decided on did not work well and so the plant manager had to personally supervise the production and ultimately lead to his death. The plant did not have a correct inspection done before it was set and ready to run. Mexico's environment regulations did not require lining in the evaporation ponds, which led Fred to force to make an ethical decision.

Fred should have considered environmental issues that the plant would come across when he did not go through the steps carefully. He knew that the equipment he purchased was not of quality material. He should have realized that the parts he purchased were in the long run going to affect the ability of the plant to run smoothly. Although he was on...