Ethical Issues in Management- Topic Harassment

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Managers face many different types of moral and ethical dilemmas. As a manager the organization is not the only important thing, also meeting the criteria for many different groups who are involved in an organization is the job of a manager. There are many issues a manager has to face, such as workplace conduct, safety, decision making, organizations code of ethics, and such. Responsibility is the main job of a manager, including the responsibility to the stakeholders too. Not to forget is the hiring process of a company, which seems to be easy; however, considering the employees already working in the business and which person would fit to them needs a lot of background knowledge.

The hiring process involves many ethical and moral issues for a manager. Today, they need to adhere the laws and regulations written to protect the applicants. The manager must not be biased and hire the right person with the right qualities for the position.

For example, the minority or an applicant over 50 could file discrimination lawsuits against the business if not hired. Even though they did not reject the application due to race or age; however those situations can be a costly problem to the company. Another option to protect the company would be to make tests of the person being hired; such as a drug test or criminal record. To eliminate risks for the company such tests are important.

Furthermore, when hiring new employees it is important to check if relatives are already working within the company. If this is the case the manager needs to remember ethics and moral. The possibility that there will be a conflict of interest is high, because if the relative gets hired, other employees might have problems with this situation. The solution to resolve or prevent such...