Ethical Issues in the movie "Godsend"

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Godsend is a psychological thriller about the extraordinary powers of scientific knowledge. Paul and Jessie are a happily married couple with an eight year old son named Adam. A tragic accident occurs the day after Adam's eighth birthday, and he passes away. A doctor named Dr. Richards approaches Adam's parents with an offer to clone their child. Jessie and Paul agree to this offer and move away to Riverton to start a new life with their cloned son. The new Adam lives an ordinary life until his eighth birthday, when he starts having night terrors flashbacks of his old life. Adam turns into a completely different person and distances himself away from his parents. Paul and Jessie realize the consequences of their choice to clone their son. It turns out that Dr. Richards has been hiding a secret from Adam's parents. In the process of cloning the boy, Dr.

Richards implicated his own son's DNA, who was evil and died also at the age of eight. Dr. Richards thought that by cloning Adam, he would be able to bring his own son to life. The second Adam turns completely evil and therefore leads to the dramatic ending of his life.

The main ethical issue in this movie is cloning. The devastated parents of Adam make a rapid decision to clone their son. They do not think about the consequences of their actions, and trust a stranger to plan out a new life for them. Although the concept of cloning involves the physical duplication of an individual's genes, does it duplicate the soul of that individual? In this movie, the second Adam lived a happy life until his eighth birthday on which the first Adam passed away. Adam turns into a completely different person, meaning that his soul could not...