Ethical Organization Profile

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Ethical Organization Profile

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Ethical Organization Profile

Smart Compact, Inc. is a green, smart car engineering company, located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 60 to 80 permanent employees and contracted employees comprise the total workforce at any given time. Employee's work and relate together when building prototypes on the workshop floor, designing and planning in the warehouse offices, marketing and running international business affairs, administrating, and governing the workforce. In this diverse environment, many personality types and educational backgrounds come together and conduct business within the same organizational culture. The leadership of Smart Compact, Inc. has adopted the US Sentencing Commission's recommended guidelines, in which ethical rules and expected employee behavior is woven into the fabric of the organization's policies, formal, and informal cultures. Smart Compact, Inc. has hired an Ethics Officer who reports directly to leadership. The Ethics Officer shapes policies, such as a code of ethics that promotes fairness, equal treatment, and appropriate disciplinary measures.

Leadership has made a point to echo the code of ethics in trainings and appropriate employee materials. The job of the Ethics Committee is to monitor and take metrics of the effectiveness of policies and incident resolutions. The company trains managers to be confident when dealing with employees when ethical issues arise. With a comprehensive ethical policy approach, leadership is confident that ethical and moral concerns will be addressed appropriately by all employees.

Smart Compact, Inc. has many concerns about morals and ethical issues. One of the biggest goals is to keep employee relationships focused on work and not on relational distractions that can affect productivity. The company has put policies in place that create a safe and respectful environment in which employees may focus on the work at hand. Harassment occurs when one employee is bothering another employee...