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Ethical Perspective PaperIn the ethical decision making, three components are involved. The components are Awareness, Articulation and Application. Awareness is the knowledge of the ethical perspective, based on which, one makes good ethical choices. Articulation is the ability to explain one's principles or perspective to others (William Institute, p. 1). Application is a process in which one follows the ethical principles on daily basis both professionally and personally.

The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) is based on the awareness component of the ethical decision making. The EAI helps to develop one's awareness and understand the four CORE principles. The Four CORE principles are Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. The four principles are the four different theories working together for the improvement of one's ethical perspective in decision making process.

This paper will describe all the four ethical principles along with the author's own ethical perspective in both personal and professional life.

This paper will also address some of the ethical dilemmas that author might face at the workplace.

Character/Virtue ethics was founded by Plato and Aristotle. The Virtue theory describes one's focus on what type of a person one should be rather than what actions to be taken. The Virtue theory is also about building moral character (Weiss, p. 131). The moral characteristics can be very helpful in taking complex ethical decisions where a choice is to be made between rules and the right or wrong.

The results of the Ethical Awareness Inventory concluded my score as negative two (-2). My ethical perspective is similar to the results of the inventory. When taking complex decisions, I prefer to follow the rules over what I think is right or wrong. For instance, if one of the employees, even by mistake, failed to follow the safety rules and injure someone then I have...