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In this paper I will discuss and provide examples of the four ethical perspectives: Character/virtue, Obligation/deontology, Results/utilitarianism, and Equity/relativism. I will conclude this paper by discussing issues that I may face in addressing ethical dilemmas at work. After describing the 'obligation' perspective in which I fall under, first I will describe the ethical perspective called Character.

As a student at the University of Phoenix, I recently took the Ethical Awareness Inventory and discovered that my personal ethics perspective is Obligation. The 'obligation' ethics perspective is close to describing how I am. My ethical perspective is described as being driven to my 'obligation'. Every day I look forward to my duties and I take pride in doing what is morally correct. I believe that ethical principals are of value and individual independence should be promotedCharacter/virtueThe ethical perspective entitled Character/virtue is about ethics basics: good moral conduct, principles, and attitude. According to the University of Phoenix, virtue ethics is listed as "Moral correctness is determined by character, motive, and core values (2009)."

I want to think of myself as having "good character" and being of "good character." People who know me, not those that know of me, but know me through daily or perhaps frequent contact are aware of what qualities I carry. People who are categorized overall as being of the Character ethical perspective have strong decision making skills. Individuals who possess this ethical perspective are apt to seek others with similar beliefs.

Honor and integrity are two strong qualities that my employer Wachovia expects from its employees. Anything less would undermine Wachovia's values. A weak character will yield weak decisions and that is unacceptable in any organization. Often people with weak character have been known to remain in the same job position for long period of time and...