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The ethic violations, in association, to student-athletes may cite dissatisfaction. Some may say the most common unethical occurrence is the “special” privileges athlete’s receive from professors and schools. Or perhaps, one may say the unethical act is coming from the university’s exploration of the student-athletes. You decide.

Special privileges for some student-athletes begin prior to attending their first class. “They are called “special admits” – students accepted at universities even though their grades or test scores don't meet the school's regular academic admission standards.” (Schrotenboer, 2006, Many schools waive academic standards, ¶ 1) Regular-students aren’t admitted into college without proper test scores and a minimum GPA. In any student athlete’s handbook you will find all student-athletes are given priority registration to ensure there is no conflict between academic classes and team practices, while regular students have no registration guarantee and may be forced to rearrange their work and family responsibilities around the classes.

To ensure a student-athlete’s playing time is not in jeopardy, University of Southern California (2007) stated, “several times throughout the semester, instructors provide the counselors with information on student-athlete's current grade, attitude, attendance, and participation in the course.” (p. 9) When this is not an option for someone who is paying for a regular-student’s education. Shouldn’t they have the right to receive a progress report, to make sure the student is passing? There have been allegations of professors and teachers even in high school being pressured into raising student’s grades, so they can continue to play sports. Dexter Manley, a football player from Oklahoma State University, and Kevin Ross, a basketball player from Creighton University, both graduated and earned a degree without learning how to read (Byers, 1995, p. 298-9).

John Paye was a star quarterback at Stanford University in the 1980s. In his senior season at...