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Nhi Tran 2

Nhi Tran

Professor Higgins

English 101

February 2, 2013


Making an ethical decision is not easy; however, as human beings, we always have to decide ethically at least once in our life time. Peter R. Garber mentioned that, "ethic refers to a more formalized set of standards established by a society to serve as guiding principles when making decisions and taking action."(Peter R. Garber 2) I remember being in a memorable situation in my second year at college. "Jeans, did you study for the biology exam?" Ginny asked me while I was having a nap in the library. "Oh yes. I spent the whole night working on it." I replied with a sleepy voice. When she walked away to let me continue to sleep, I suddenly asked myself, "Wait a minute! Did she just say exam? Oh my God! I thought it was next week." I totally forgot about the exam.

I had not studied anything at all since last week. If I took this exam, I would get the worst grade I have ever got! Then a "great" idea popped up in my mind, "Why don't I make a cheat sheet?"

Cheating on the exam, something I have never done before was the only thing I could do to get an A. I, a straight-A student, was my professor's favorite student. He liked talking to me about my bright future and he offered me to work in his lab after this semester ended. In my professor's opinion, I am a smart, potential student. I could not get any bad grade which would affect my GPA. However, what would happen if he saw me cheating or if other students told him that I was cheating? All the great opportunities which might come to me after...