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Organizational Culture and Ethical Decision Making

Melinda L Hutton

Chadron State College


Business culture, values, and leadership is what is believed to establish ethics in the workplace. Organizational managers need to be knowledgable about all aspects of business ethics. This includes codes of conduct, leadership, ethical decision-making, and culture differences which surround ethics. Communication and awareness are keys to implementing and maintaining ethics in the workplace. Organizational culture, decision making, and managerial roles each aid in the understanding of upholding corporate ethics. There are many ways to understanding these components as well as the effects they have on a business in all decision making processes. This paper addresses the connection of business ethics and organizational culture as well as the influences corporate culture has on ethical decision-making.

Organizational Culture and Ethical Decision Making

What business factors play a part in encouraging ethical decision making in businesses? There are different factors, as well as some still yet to be identified, that are believed to encourage ethical decision making within organizations.

Organizational culture and ethics are directly related. Ethics are highly considered in many organizational decisions, and therefore, many managers and employees ask the question of whether their decision is ethical prior to making the decision final. The relationship between organizational culture and ethics is that the organizational culture guides employees when faced with ethical dilemmas. The organization may be put in risk if employees do not act ethically in their decision making process. These decisions also deal with power and control along with company leaders. There are many situations that influence decisions.

Organizational culture is one of these influences and is an intricate part of any business structure. A company may better predict and control behavior by way of how organizational behavior effects ethical decision making. Organizational culture...