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Innocence is shed like an old skin my eyes are opened and I am given the kiss of eternal sin. Who Am I? I am the temptress, evil sister, vampire, and witch whose sexual identity you have condemned to a fit of lust . I am women the daughter of Eve who is now forever seen and not heard. I have bitten of the apple that caused the fall and so forever in the story of Eden I am blamed for all. So "flesh of my flesh bone of my bone" if man and women are one in the same than I did not sin alone . However it is I the women that has been the scapegoat for humanities fall from grace.

Women have been persecuted for centuries because of the story of Eden in Genesis. The story, which depicts the creation and fall of man, has lead to the socialization of gender division within our culture.

Women have been made slaves by our own God as he dictated that our " desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee" . This was the creation of gender division, men now viewed women as meek, whose sole purpose in life was to please man for he is her master. Men took this line as a God given right to place women beneath them in all aspects of life. Women were no longer allowed to seek out the knowledge that they obtained, for man was only worthy of the truth, for man was not tainted like women by the touch of Satan . Men were the innocent victims in the story of Eden; they were forced into eating the apple, as they could not resist the seduction of Eve the Temptress. Gods' decision to mark women with eternal slavery has divided men and women on every level. Women have been denied the access to equal rights, values, and opportunities we have been stratified and forced into gender specific roles all because the story of Eden has put the blame on the female sex, forever torturing them with the stigma of being an ancestor of Eve.

Another aspect of Genesis fall that has created distance between man and women is Gods punishment of Adam. God is able to see that both man and women are at fault and so he punished both of them. God says onto Adam " Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake: in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life". Man has taken this punishment as a fault of women. If Adam did not take of the fruit which his wife Eve bestowed upon him, then God would never has punished him. Again women become the scapegoat, and are blamed for man being thrown out of Eden and forever made to work the land, which is now cursed. Men have since condemned women as untrustworthy and carry with them a certain amount of resentment towards females excluding them from most aspects of society as a punishment for Gods decision. This in return has been taught generation to generation widening the gender gap between males and females. Both sexes are forced into specific roles that they must fit, creating the space between the two sexes to only grow further apart .

This division that has been created from the story of Eden has not only caused divisions between men and women in the work force and education but it has also segregated women from religion as well. Women do not relate to God as we cannot relate to the male dominated environment that the church consists of. Women are only secondary figures in religion, even Mary is viewed as only the vessel by which Jesus arrives . There are no women in religion that is in a dominant role in which women would be able to relate or find salvation in. God the male entity who has forever enslaved women to men has left women with the notion that God is not a part of our soles. So females feel they could never achieve salvation in the eyes of a male God . Women feel that they can never be worthy of a male God because we are socialized into believing that we are to blame for the fall of man and that God will forever punish us for the loss of our innocence . Women have no authoritative figure in Genesis and or any organized religion and so feel disconnected from the creator and forever dammed in his eyes.

The story of the Garden of Eden has forever changed the sexes forever. It has segregated women from men on almost every aspect of life. Women are forced into gender specific roles and if hey do not form to fit these roles they become the seductive vampire that have lead men to their mortal fates . It has kept women suppressed for a very long time ennobling them to fully develop their potential as individuals. Banishment from Eden has enslaved women to the rule of a male dominated society, which blames women for all the melancholy that exists within their lives. This story has not only enslaved women but also subjected them to eras of torment and torture because of their sex . Evil was Eve to take of the apple and evil shall all women be. However the division of the sexes according to genesis may all be in the way it is interpreted. For in the story Adam does state that woman "is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh" . If this is true that God hath made women from man than it was not women alone that was tempted but both her and man for they are one in the same. So women have been wrongly persecuted for the fall of man, it was not she but both as she embodies both man and women.

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