Ethics and the Internet.

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As e-business technology continue to improve at the speed of light, more and more industries are joining the e-business global marketplace; the Internet at an unprecedented rate. But the one problem that continues to linger is who is in charge of regulating the Internet. The big question is should the Internet regulate itself or do each government regulates the users within its jurisdiction? If that's the case, then we are faced with an even more important question, how do we define jurisdiction when the Internet is a global marketplace?

When it comes to regulating the traditional physical world marketplace, the government usually sets the rules and regulations that govern the buyers and sellers within its jurisdiction. But more importantly, we relied on the moral behavior of the buyers and sellers to govern themselves by applying sound ethical behavior when conducting business in the marketplace. When buyers and sellers are conducting business in the traditional physical world marketplace, it is easier for both the buyer and seller to apply ethical behavior because behavioral accountability is easily identify.

However, when it comes to conducting business in the e-marketplace, the Internet, behavioral accountability is not so easily identifiable.

In this paper I will attempt to discuss my personal views on the Internet and ethics and the ways I think the Internet can be regulated. My analysis will focus on ethics, rules, and standard and internet ethics. I will begin by taking a lot at ethics.

What is Ethics?

Ethics is defined as "the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession." The problem is when it comes to the Internet; we cannot easily differentiate the non-professional members from the professional members. To add more pain to the problem, the Internet is fill with individuals who...