Ethics and Organizational behaviour.

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Describe the process of the development of individual ethics, and why the ethics of individuals is important to the behaviour of organizations.

In organizations of all sizes, ethics are found. Overall individual ethics is the most common, as there are more individuals than there are groups. Individual ethics are defined as the persons personal beliefs regarding what is right and wrong or good and bad.

Of course there are always experiences that help to form your individual ethics, such as family or peer influences, personal values and morals or situational factors. An individual ethics are the basis for making any talented managers.

As society increases their focus on the ethics of managers within organizations, organizations have been busy at work with rules to which are meant to speed up the process of individual ethical thought. These are called Codes of ethics and conduct. For example Autoliv Australia PTY LTD state that as an employee under contract with Autoliv I am committed to:

*Act honestly and with the utmost integrity

*Respecting the rights of all people within the work place regardless of race, sex, age, social status or religion.

*The pursuit of excellence in all that I do

*The ongoing improvement of products and processes

*Conducting myself in accordance with all company policies and procedures with special consideration of safety requirements for myself and others

*Resolving difficulties through consultation

*Respecting the rights of co-workers, customers and suppliers to confidentiality

*Consistently providing excellent service to all customers

*Behaving at all times in a calm manner

*Working as part of the team

In an organization like Macdonald's Family restaurant, there are approximately three managers and 30 staff working at a time in a non-busy period. This would mean that each manager would be in charge of 10 crewmembers. If the individual crewmembers did...