Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing

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IntroductionIn today's marketplace, it is crucial to be responsible both ethically and socially. Some marketing tactics in the herbal supplement industry have been deplorable. This paper will explore some of the marketing tactics used by Quest for Life, Inc. for their herbal supplement Extenze. Since we can't trust some these marketing firms or departments within these business to maintain a moral or ethical standard, regulations and laws should be established outlining when, where, and how you can market products with adult content.

Description or product or serviceQuest for Life, Inc.; founded in 1999, is a company that markets a variety of products ranging from air and water purification to herbal supplements (QFL, 2009). ExtenZe was introduced in 2004 and was until recently only marketed on the internet. The start of 2009 began an extensive "As Seen on TV" and newsprint marketing blitz. The following is an expert from one of their newspaper ads: "ExtenZe is the strongest, most advanced formula available today to increase the size of your penis and enhance sexual desire, pleasure and performance.

With the newest, most advanced medically designed formula ever created for male sexual enhancement, it's simply the best and is all natural with no harmful side effects. Increase the size of your penis in just a few weeks by taking one ExtenZe tablet each day. ExtenZe works for men of any age" (Enhance Your Sexual Performance, 2009). The ad shows a picture of a scantily clad woman and offers a 14 day free trial as well as discounts for bulk buys.

Ethical implicationsThere are broad ethical, moral, and social implications with this type of product being marketed in the daily newspaper and television ads. KIDS HAVE ACCESS TO THIS MEDIA!!! This smut advertisement (and that's what it is….smut), doesn't belong on TV during...